About Us

At New Life Bible College we offer a combination of traditional and innovative studies. We combine traditional lectures with video presentations from world-renown leaders. In this way, our courses provide believers with real-life teaching and insights for successful ministry.


To perpetuate knowledge and understanding towards faith in God, through the example of Jesus Christ and the application of God's Word, in the power of His Spirit.


To see students trained and skilfully operating in the fullness of God's Word, that they are equipped to teach others to do the same with faith, integrity, and excellence. We provide a biblical higher education, providing skilful Word of Faith based instruction.

Core Values

The Word of God is our foundation. We live by faith and walk in love, being led by the Holy Spirit. We pray about everything, honouring God through our lives.


We combine traditional lectures with video presentations from world-renown leaders.

Dr. Norvel Hayes

Dr. Norvel Hayes

Dr. Norvel Hayes was a successful businessman, internationally renowned Bible teacher, and founder of several Christian ministries in the U.S. and abroad. Brother Hayes founded New Life Bible College, located in Cleveland, Tennessee, in 1977.

Dr. Hayes was known internationally for his dynamic exposition of the Word of God, he spent most of his time teaching and ministering God’s deliverance and healing power in churches, college classrooms, conventions and seminars, around the world. His books, audio, and video broadcasts continue to inspire people around the world.

Dr. Steven L. Evans

Dr. Steven L. Evans

Bishop Dr. Steven Lyn Evans is a successful businessman and his ministry has followed along a similar path to Dr. Hayes. There have been many miracles following his international ministry and testimonies of these have been featured on front page secular newspaper headlines in Great Britain, international television broadcasts, magazines, and books.

Dr. Evans has a formal theological education having B.A(hons), M.Th., and Doctoral degrees in Theology. He says: “I had studied theology in a traditional academic way and attained Theological degrees but it was through the Word of Faith movement that my life truly developed. I began to understand that subjects such as healing and prosperity of the spirit, soul (meaning the mind, will, and emotions), and body, are an essential part of the biblical foundation for human life. I understood that I was blessed to be a blessing!”

Dr. Evans meets Dr. Hayes

In 1993 Dr. Evans was a student at London Bible College, on a ministerial placement at a large London church. One Sunday he was asked by the minister to spend time looking after the visiting speaker in-between services, that’s when he met Dr. Norvel Hayes.

As they sat together in the ministers office, Steven was greatly impacted by Dr. Hayes. Firstly, he was a successful businessman and Steven related well to the business-like, pragmatic perspectives that Dr. Hayes shared. Most importantly though, he was amazed to hear about Dr. Hayes’ close fellowship with Jesus Christ. Dr. Hayes explained to him that he would hear the clear voice of the Lord and then act on it in very specific ways. This was a powerful revelation for Steven, a supernatural world of signs and wonders was opened up before him. He decided that he would have that kind of fellowship with Jesus also. A quantum leap had taken place within the young man, he knew for certain, that a supernatural life and ministry, would be birthed out of authentic fellowship with Jesus.

Many years later, people around the world have been miraculously impacted and healed by Jesus, through Dr. Evans’ ministry. Dr. Evans remembers the importance of that encounter with fondness: "Meeting Dr. Norvel Hayes impacted my life greatly, I caught a glimpse of what it was like to have a closer fellowship with Jesus and great adventures in faith. That view birthed a fundamental focus within me that has grown stronger and clearer through the years. I’m very thankful to have spent some time with the brilliant Dr. Norvel Hayes."

New Life Bible College (Europe)

Dr. Evans, President of New Life Bible College in England, is an international Bible teacher, preacher, and Bishop. He has authored several books, many Bible study courses and developed courses from the works of ministers such as Dr. Norvel Hales. Working in partnership with New Life Bible College in Cleveland, he explains that: “New Life Bible College (Europe) shares the vision of New Life Bible College (USA), founded by Dr. Norvel Hayes in 1977. Teaching the Word of Faith, we offer Biblical truth about healing, prosperity, faith, victory and abundant life through Jesus Christ. Our partnership with New Life Bible College in Cleveland is mutually beneficial and we are thankful to Pastor Keith Chancey for his Kingdom vision and faithful promotion of the teachings of Dr. Norvel Hales.”

New Life Bible College (Europe) is a training centre designed to better equip believers in their daily growth and to help fulfil the commission and vision that God has given to each individual. Our courses are designed to minister to Christians of all levels of spiritual maturity and development. When a believer lives with a daily diet of Worship, Prayer, and Bible Study, they provide themselves with the essential ingredients for growth in God and success in life.